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1. Technical


1a. Where can I download Wildlife Wonders from?

From the App Store or Google Play.


1b. How do I download the Wildlife Wonders app?

Open the App Store or Google Play Store app. Search or browse for ‘Wildlife Wonders’.

Tap it to install. Follow the onscreen instructions to download the content.


1c. What phones and software does it work on?

Wildlife Wonders requires ARKit or ARCore to enjoy the magical 3D habitats of the animals. For example, an iPhone 6, Samsung S6 or above.
To find out if your phone is compatible, please click here.


Please ensure that your phone has updated its software.


1d. How much storage space do I need on my phone?

You will need 400mb of free space for the iPhone and 140mb for Android devices. Additional mb will be required to download additional content.


1e. My phone says there is not enough memory space on my phone for the app to download.

Apps create data for various things and then you need space for the functioning of the app. And if there isn't enough space then clear your cache or try deleting some apps or photos that you no longer want.


1f. Do I need a cube to play Wildlife Wonders?

Yes. The app reads the AR markings on the cube to give you the full 3D Wildlife Wonders experience.

1g. What does a Wildlife Wonders cube look like?

They change slightly depending on the campaign around the world. For the COOP campaign, they look like this -


1h. Where can I get a Wildlife Wonders cube?

You can get a cube through the Coop retailer loyalty campaign.


1i. How does the Wildlife Wonders cube work?

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. In the case of the Wildlife Wonders cube, the cube design acts as a physical marker for the phone to read.


1j. Do I have the pay for Wildlife Wonders app or anything in it?

No, there are no in-app purchases on the Wildlife Wonders app.


1k. Why isn’t my cube working?

There might be a few reasons.  You might be holding your cube too close to the camera or moving it around too fast. Your hand might also be blocking the cube’s markings, or there might not be enough light.  


1l. Is any of my personal information collected?

We have no interest in collecting your personal data and therefore have no login procedure. However, we do collect some simple analysis data to ensure that the experience is fun. Please see our privacy policy here

1m. How do I turn off the notifications?

Go to the Main Menu and then Settings


1n. Can I expect updates?



1o. How can I contact someone about the app?

For any questions concerning the app, please get in touch using the contact form


2. Your Wildlife Wonder


2a. How many animals are there to collect?

There are six animals to collect in total – an orangutan, a panda, a Macaw parrot, a Southern Rockhopper penguin, a Bengal and an African elephant.


2b. What can I do with the animals?

You can feed them until they grow up to be adults. There are lots of games and educational quizzes to play, lots of accessories to add, and selfies to take.


2c. How do I feed my animal?

By tapping on the food app on the onscreen menu. Alternatively, you can find further instructions in the ‘Settings’ menu.


2d. What happens to my animal if I don’t feed it?

Nothing bad, it just won’t keep growing up.


2e. How long does it take for an animal to grow to an adult?

If you feed the animal every day, about three weeks.


2f. When my animal has grown up, can I still play with it?

When your animal is fully grown, you can restart the experience.


2g. How do I know when my animal has been fed enough?

It will say that it’s full, and you can check the ‘Daily Food Status Bar’.


2h. How do I know when my animal will go to its next stage of growth?

By checking the ‘Growth Status Bar’.


2i. Where can I find my animals status menu?

In the ‘Main Menu’.


2j. How do I change from one animal to another?

Every time you wish to change animal, you will need to press the ‘Scan’ button.



3. Functionality

3a. What is the 1+1 mode?

The 1+1 mode enables you to scan two cubes at the same time and win some cool accessories!


3b. How do you play 3D Quiz?

You’ll see the question at the top of the screen. Then you have to quickly find the answer on the cube and tap it.


3c. How do you play Runner Game?

This is a tough game. We suggest that you place the cube on the table until you are comfortable playing with the cube in your hand.


3d. How do you play Bounce Ball?

Every time the ball is about to hit the animal’s head, tap the screen. The game will start to get faster and harder.


3e. How do I customise my animal?

Check the ‘Customise’ button in the menu. Some will be locked and require achieving certain scores and levels on the 3D quiz, Habitat Dodge, etc.


3f. How do I accessorise my animal?

Check the ‘Accessories’ button in the menu. Some will be locked and require achieving certain scores and levels on the 3D quiz, Habitat Dodge, etc.


3g. How do I unlock foods, customisations and accessories?

By earning in-game achievements.


3h. How do I know what achievement levels there are in a game?

These can be found in the ‘Achievements’ section of the main menu. You will be able to see what you need to go to unlock everything.

3i. My booster card doesn’t work?

Please ensure that the marker card relates to the correct animal.


3j. Why can’t I send a selfie directly to my friends?

To ensure that your data remain private, the Wildlife Wonders app has no access to the your contacts list on your phone.

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