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If you don’t have the cardboard Cube yet,
scan the cube below to see your wildlife wonder.

To find out if your phone is compatible, please click here.

Open your app
and scan the cube


Welcome to ‘Wildlife Wonders’, an amazing AR experience where you can nurture, grow and interact with six incredible animals in their natural habitat. Together with special marker cards, a collector’s album, an augmented reality cube and app, you’ll be transported into their magical augmented reality world, with heaps of fun and educational things to do.

In order for you to enjoy Wildlife Wonders, you’ll need an augmented cube from your local store. Once you have it, download the free ‘Wildlife Wonders’ app from the App Store or Google Play. Then simply point your camera at the cube and start having fun!

Grow and take care of your own virtual animal from a young baby; feed them, teach them to exercise, and help them grow bigger. There are loads of games to play, videos to watch, and you 

can customize and accessorise your animals.

There are six animals to collect – Panda, African Elephant, Orangutan, Southern Rockhopper Penguin, Macaw Parrot and Bengal Tiger.

Urangutan_HQ 2.png



Macaw Parrot


Bengal Tiger




African Elephant


Rockhopper Penguin

Some content is locked on the cube. To access it, complete the in-app achievements.

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